Joordens Zaden

Let’s grow better soil

“At Joordens we believe that better soil is the foundation of more sustainable and profitable agriculture. Soil is where crops rest, breathe and thrive.

That’s why we focus on soil. Yet, we keep learning new things, because taking care of soil is not easy. In fact, the quality of agricultural soils is more challenged than ever before. That’s why we want to keep learning about soil improvement, together with you. Only together we can create a new balance.


We are good and patient listeners who want to know all about your soil properties, challenges and ambitions. We’re not just interested in ways to increase your next harvest, but in improving many harvests to come. The future of farming is circular, we have to return to the soil what we take from it. Many soils need rebalancing. Our passion is to help you in achieving that. To do so, being a small company is a great advantage. We offer the flexibility and swiftness your business needs.

First of all we offer solidly researched cover crop varieties with great properties for improving soil quality. Furthermore, we have a lot of experience in which varieties fit your local situation best and how they can be used for achieving specific goals or overcoming specific problems. We know all about rotations, timely measures and microbial interactions. We put our knowledge and experience to your advantage. Based on the mutual belief that soil care is in our nature.”


John Smolenaars – Managing director Joordens Zaden