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In close cooperation with our Dutch and foreign contract growers, we produce a wide range of high-quality grasses, brassicas and cover crops. Seed multiplication is a special cultivation, where accuracy and cleanliness are of great importance.

We are a practically oriented company, where there are many possibilities within seed production. At our location in Kessel all facilities are available for drying, cleaning, packaging and storing the seeds. Our growers can choose to remove their crops directly from the plot (or have them removed), or to arrange drying and / or storage themselves. Naturally, there is crop guidance from our agronomists for contract cultivation in order, to achieve the best quality seed with the highest possible yield. With us, the grower is not on their own!

We grow all other grass seeds and most cover crops seeds from our foreign partners. For this we also use the various climate zones worldwide. Our partners take care of the entire multiplication from sowing to certification and transport to our warehouse in Kessel.

For a constant supply of seeds and optimum results, we are always looking for new companies and growing areas to work with.