Joordens Zaden

Research station Neer

With our research station in Neer we can offer a wide range of breeding products to global agriculture. In addition to the research station in Neer, we can also use the knowledge network of the research departments of our parent company RAGT (R2N).

We are constantly working on the development of new varieties of different crops for the agriculture of the future. Varieties with improved properties, with a lot of attention on soil health. With cover crops, characteristics such as disease resistance, nematode control, late flowering and speed of ground cover are paramount. With regard to brassicas particular attention is paid to yield improvement, disease resistance, drought tolerance and digestibility.

The development of a new variety will take considerable years of research. For this research we have well-equipped facilities with a laboratory. In this environment we perform mould tests and resistance tests under climate-controlled conditions. Field research takes place on trial fields in the Netherlands and abroad. For small multipliers we use isolation cages, where bumble bees are used for pollination of the crops.

In collaboration with other laboratories within the RAGT group, we make optimum use of current knowledge and most modern equipment. To find regional and global solutions, we work closely with universities and scientific institutes around the world.