Joordens Zaden

Cover crops

Soil is the most important component in arable agriculture. We are specialised in cover crop solutions which can benefit soil health. With our wealth of knowledge and experience in breeding we can provide a wide range of crops and varieties which can add value to the soil. Soil health plants not only increase your soil fertility but also have many other benefits, including:

  • Increasing organic matter
  • Reducing plant parasitic nematodes
  • Mineral control
  • Suppression of plant pathogens in specific rotations
  • Improving soil structure

Although the cover crop does not produce a marketable product, the benefits they have on the succeeding crops can prove a good return on investment.

We have been active for more than thirty years in breeding white mustard and oil seed radish varieties. We have succeeded in developing a high quality portfolio of different varieties in which nematode resistance and suppression of soil borne fungi are the main factors.  We also breed many other species and our website shows our full portfolio. In addition to varieties we also offer concepts focused on soil health management, such as Biofumigation mixtures.

On our website we describe our portfolio of species and varieties in detail. If you are interested in more information about cover crops please contact us!