Joordens Zaden

Abyssinian mustard

Abyssinian mustard (Brassica carinata) is a very leafy cover crop. In comparison with other brassicas Abyssinian mustard flowers very late and has a high biomass potential. Abyssinian mustard is a host plant for various nematodes; for example beet cyst nematodes will increase during cultivation. Due to high levels of glucosinolates, Abyssinian mustard is suitable for biofumigation. Within our portfolio we have five varieties: Cappucchino, Carbon, Cartoon, and Utopia.

Sowing rate 15 kg
Season¹ Spring till early autumn
Sowing depth 1-2 cm
Row distance As with cereals
Fertilizer 60 kg N/ha
Varieties Cappucchino, Carbon, Cartoon and Utopia
¹ Based on moderate climate zone (North-West and Central Europa)