Joordens Zaden

Forage rape

Forage rape (Brassica napus) is used as a forage crop or as a cover crop. It stands medium frost quite well. It can be drilled in early and late stubbles. If drilled early, the crop can produce heavy stems which are not very palatable and not preferred by the animals.

Our forage rape varieties Greenland, Mosa, Rebound, Ringo and Sparta are exclusively winter types.

Sowing rate 10 kg/ha
Season¹ Late summer till mid-autumn
Sowing depth 1-2 cm
Row distance As with cereals
Fertilizer 60-80 kg N/ha 20 kg P/ha 20 kg K/ha
Varieties Akela, Greenland, Mosa, Rebound, Ringo, Sparta, Stego and Winfred

¹ Based on moderate climate zone (North-West and Central Europa)